Jaga Jazzist


About the artist

Since their debut album in 1996 the norvegian band Jaga Jazzist was almost impossible to be categorized. Jazz, post rock, electronic, rap, classical music? Across two decades Jaga has been all of these things but, at the end of the day, is really none of them because the band is always moving forward!



If Jaga Jazzist has any rules, there’s really just one: every album must sound like nothing that preceded it.

Pioneers of the scandinavian electro-jazz and nu-jazz, Jaga Jazzist’s bandleaders, producers, engineers or session musicians have always been at the heart of Norway’s  large and vibrant music scene.

Their new disc, Starfire is powered by an electronic motor producing the longest tracks and the strangest, most otherworldly sounds you’re likely to hear on a Jaga Jazzist album, one not to be missed live!

Line up Jaga Jazzist: Marcus Forsgren – guitar, Andreas MjØs – vibraphone, guitar, Korg MS10 – percussions, Martin Horntveth – drums, Lars Horntveth – guitar, clarinet, saxophone, keyboard, Line Horntveth – tuba, flute, percussions, glockenspiel, voice, Even Ormestad – bass and keyboard, Erik Johannessen – trombone, percussions and voice, Øysten Moen – synthesizer și piano.

Jaga Jazzist will perform on Saturday 14/11/2015 from 20:00

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