The Ploctones

About the artist

THE PLOCTONES are an experimental funk-jazz quartet from The Netherlands, regularly referred to as ‘the four-headed monster’, devouring every great musical idea with insatiable greed . They blow through their microphones  jazz rock, funk, blues and even punk.  And if you would describe improvisation as ‘a question of catching what goes around’, then The Ploctones prove that they have perfectly tuned antenna for this.



Martijn Vink is ‘Holland’s best jazz drummer’, according to The Guardian, playing in various jazz and rock groups, featuring numerous internationally renowned artist. Vink also drums with Dutch rock singer Anouk.

A celebrity of the dutch scene, guitarist and composer Anton Goudsmit is the driving force behind The Ploctones. In 2010 Anton won the Boy Edgarprijs, thé Dutch Jazz Award.  Goudsmit also performs with Estafest  and The Bad Plus.

Jeroen Vierdag is a versatile and creative acoustic and electric bass player. When he’s not  provoking  his colleagues on stage, Vierdag performs with Amina Figarova Group, Nueva Manteca and Caro Emerald. 

Efraim Trujillo is a highly appreciated  saxophonist, as well as a flute player. He masters his instruments so well that he always surprises his audiences as well as the band members on stage! Trujillo also performs in Fra Fra Sound, New Cool Collective Big Band and Rumbáta.

Line up The Ploctones: Anton Goudsmit – guitar, Martijn Vink – drums, Jeroen Vierdag – bass, Efraim Trujillo – saxophone, flute.

The Ploctones will perform on Sunday 15/11/2015 from 22:00

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