Bálazs Bágyi New Quartet


About the artist

Bálazs Bágyi is a hungarian well established jazz drummer, composer, music educator and producer. He is currently the President of the Hungarian Jazz Federation.



From 1998 – 2003 he was the drummer of the Whiteful Band, after which he founded his own project the Balázs Bágyi Quartet. In 2005 – 2006 he worked with singer-songwriter Veronika Harcsa. Their album „Speak Low” was released with great success in Japan. Balazs’ important international breakthrough was in 2007 when their Eastern Boundary Quartet was founded in association with saxophonist Mihály Borbély, pianist Michael Jefry Stevens and bassist Joe Fonda. This quartet has released three albums and continues to tour both the United States and Europe.

Line up Bálazs Bágyi New Quartet: Balázs Bágyi – drums,  János Ávéd – saxophone, Dezső Oláh – piano, Péter Oláh – bass.

Bálazs Bágyi New Quartet will perform on Sunday 15/11/2015 from 20:00

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