Steve Coleman and Five Elements

About the artist

The famous saxophonist Steve Coleman returns to the Mozaic Jazz Festival to release his latest album, “Morphogenesis”, to the Romanian audience. The album is a fusion of the two great passions of the artist: jazz and boxing. The approach is all the more personal because the artist’s father was the one who guided his first steps to the boxing hall, where he discovered his first great passion in life.

Steve Coleman is an American saxophonist and songwriter with strong roots in South Side Chicago but who has made a name for himself on the New York musical scene where he founded the M-base movement in the late 1980s. The M-base movement is subsumed to the jazz style. Steve Coleman’s influence on music has often been compared to that of John Coltrane in that his musical vision has been adopted by generations of musicians. The innovations brought by Coleman in the field of music were recognized in 2014 by receiving the MacArthur Genius Award from the MacArthur Foundation in the USA, a prize awarded to outstanding personalities in the areas in which they carry out their activity.

At the Mozaic Jazz Festival, Steve Coleman returns with the band with whom he has been playing live concerts for over a decade, the Five Elements. The band includes Anthony Tidd, Sean Rickman, Jonathan Finlayson and Miles Okazaki.

Steve Coleman and Five Elements will perform on Saturday 11/11/2017 from 21:00

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