Mn’JAM Experiment

About the artist

This young musical project is remarkable by staging multimedia shows in which visual arts blend with music to create an interactive environment and an unprecedented experience for the audience. Mn’JAM Experiment is a true musical experiment, because it creates a new show concept and a unique platform for jazz music interpretation. The roles assumed by the band’s components and the possibilities offered by the multimedia visuals are infinite.

M does not only assume the role of a singer, but becomes practically a part of the band due to her vocal technique and improvisation. On the other hand, JAM is a master of visual improvisations, which he uses to harmoniously complement the music.

The band consists of M (Melissa Olivieira), JAM, Virxilio da Silva (guitar), Jose Carlos Barbosa (bass guitar) and Tuur Morens (drums). Due to the nature of the performance Mn’JAM Experiment has not yet recorded a studio album, focusing on live shows, each of them being unique.

Mn’JAM Experiment will perform on Saturday 11/11/2017 from 19:00

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