Miroslav Vitouš –Emil Viklicky Duo


About the artist

Miroslav Vitouš began playing the violin at the age of six.  He subsequently played the piano at age 10, before settling on the bass at 14.  He studied at the Prague Conservatory in Czechoslovakia.  

After winning a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he came to the U.S.  A year later in 1966, Miroslav moved to New York & collaborated with musicians such as Bob Brookmeyer, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Art Farmer, Stan Getz, Charlie Mariano, and Herbie Mann.

In 1970, the group Weather Report was formed along with Wayne Shorter and Joe Zawinul.  Three years later, he formed the Miroslav Vitous Group along with John Surman, Kenny Kirkland and Jon Christensen. In 1979, Vitous became the director of the Jazz Department at the New England Conservatory in Boston.

Vitouš’s virtuoso jazz bass playing has led critics to place him in the same league as Scott LaFaro, Dave Holland, and Arild Andersen. A representative example of Vitouš’s double bass playing is Now He Sings, Now He Sobs , with Chick Corea on piano and Roy Haynes on drums. This album shows his strong rhythmic sense, innovative walking lines, and intensity and abandon as an improviser.



Emil was born in former Czechoslovakia, where in 1971 he graduated from Palacky University with a degree in mathematics. While a student he devoted much time to playing jazz piano.

In 1974, he was awarded the prize for best soloist at the Czechoslovak Amateur Jazz Festival. In 1976, he was a prizewinner at the jazz improvisation competition in Lyon, and his composition “Green Satin” (Zeleny saten) earned him first prize in the music conservatory competition in Monaco, where in 1985 his “Cacharel” won second prize in the same competition.

As composer Viklicky has attracted attention abroad primarily for having created a synthesis of the expressive elements of modern jazz with the melodicism and tonalities of Moravian folk song that is distinctly individual in contemporary jazz.

Besides this, however, he also composes film music,  ‘straight-ahead’ modern jazz as well as chamber and orchestral works.

Line up Miroslav Vitouš –Emil Viklicky Duo: Miroslav Vitouš – contrabas, Emil Viklicky – piano.


Miroslav Vitouš –Emil Viklicky Duo will perform on Friday 13/11/2015 from 22:00

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