Arcuș Trio

About the artist

The band was founded in 2015 at the initiative of Alexandru Arcuş, together with Adi Stoenescu and Marcel Moldovan. The distinctive style of the Arcuş Trio band is given by the fact that it introduces different elements of the traditional Romanian and Balkan folklore into urban jazz. In addition, other influences such as those from hip hop, R & B, post-prog and prog-rock all blend together to form their own interpretation style.

The debut album of the band includes 10 tracks with unprecedented sound and passing through a wide range of styles. The album name “Allotropy” comes to the term used to describe a chemical element that exists in the same state of aggregation, but in different forms, which differ in their properties. The musical elements used for each composition are as different as the musical background of the band members, but together they form a homogeneous album.

Alexandru Arcuş began his musical career in 2008, in Chisinau, alongside the band Trigon. After moving to Bucharest, the young artist collaborated with different bands (Bucharest Jazz Orchestra, Three For Helen, etc.).

Adi Stoenescu studied classical piano at Târgovişte and jazz improvisation with Marius Popp when he discovered the sound of the Hammond organ. Adi’s collabotations include various projects with musicians such as Claudiu Purcărin, Alex Man, Cătălin Milea or Tavi Scurtu.

Marcel Moldovan is one of the most acclaimed Romanian drummers, having musical collaborations with artists and bands like Loredana, Smiley, Steve Vai, Three for Helen, etc.

Arcuș Trio will perform on Sunday 12/11/2017 from 19:00

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